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A stroke can happen to anyone, any age, with no warning whatsoever. This website is to help other people who've had a stroke, their family or carers or people who want to find out more information on strokes.

On myStroke there is lots of information, stroke articles, stroke videos, a directory, charities, news and much more. This is a fluid concept so you can have a say about anything and help this website going forward.

myStroke ...every stroke is unique.

Featured Stroke Charity - Connect

Connect is a charity for people living with aphasia, a communication disability which usually occurs after stroke or brain injury. Connect aims to improve the lives of people living with aphasia and communication disability, equipping them to re-connect with life. more about Connect

Latest Stroke Articles

16 May 2016

Here are some links to different websites who've had a stroke and written a blog or a website. These links are really inspirational. If you want a link to your blog/website, just Contact Me now. Here they... more Stroke Articles

Stroke Videos

Update on Sarah Scott's Stroke Recovery

Sarah Scott had a stroke in May 2009 and has recorded a series of YouTube Videos to chart her progress. She has aphasia, meaning that the language area of her brain was affected. Sarah still has problems with speech, reading and writing.

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About Me

Hi, my name’s Chris Banting. I had 2 strokes in February 2010 when I was 29 years old – 3 days apart. The latter stroke was so severe (which is a bleed to the brain) that for 2 days it was touch and go whether I would survive or not, but I did! The strokes damaged the left side of the brain so my... more about Chris Banting

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Your input is invaluable. Without you being involved, it would be just me, and that's no fun! I really want to hear from you! You can suggest anything - a new section, a new article, videos, an organisation... more about Being Involved

Stroke Directory

Active Neuro
Who are we? Active Neuro was founded by Laura Douglas who has an Masters in Physiotherapy. She is...

To provide a new holistic rehabilitation service that enables all individuals who are living with a long-term... more in the Stroke Directory