Locked-In - Launching New Book

"In my head I'm screaming, but I know nothing's coming out. The three people at the foot of my bed are all staring at me with the same mix of pity and resignation. 'I'm here, Lili! It's still me. Look!'"

"I watch as she turns to the doctors. She's going to speak. I can scarcely bear to listen. For a second I wish the doctors were right - I wish I didn't have my senses. Do I really want to hear my wife give the go-ahead for my own death?"

In May 2009, police officer Richard Marsh suffered a severe stroke that submerged him in the terrifying world of a Locked-in sufferer.

Locked-in syndrome is a complex condition. Brain activity remains (so sufferers are fully conscious of their surroundings) but there is no way of communicating with the outside world. An already rare condition, sadly, survival is even rarer - around 90 per cent of Locked-in sufferers die within four months of onset of the condition.

Written with the intensity of a thriller, we follow Richard Marsh's race against time. He must convince his doctors that he is still alive - and not beyond saving. Then, he must beat the odds of surviving a condition that often proves fatal.

We witness the astonishing moments of Richard's journey and recovery - including finally hearing a neurosurgeon say, 'I think there's someone in here'.

It is a story of triumph that is captivating, fast-paced and, ultimately, inspiring.

To order this book, please visit Amazon or Waterstones.

This article by Chris Banting was posted in: Stroke Survivor Stories.


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