Rehabilitation of the Arm and Hand After Stroke

From: University of Southampton

People who have had a stroke are needed for a study looking into the effects of arm and hand rehabilitation after stroke. The study takes place at the University of Southampton.

Participants will receive 2 weeks of one to one daily therapy (2 hours a day, 5 days a week, Monday-Friday) with a therapist, using the ArmeoSpring rehabilitation system. More information about this system is available on this website:

Potential participants will need to attend an assessment session at the University of Southampton, to determine if they are eligible to the study.

Participants will also need to attend 4 measurement sessions (2 before and 2 following rehabilitation sessions), which will consist of EEG recordings during reaching movements, and movement tests.

To receive a participant information sheet, please contact Sebastien on

Sebastien Pollet
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Southampton